Watchlist: 10/14 Banks, First Red Day

Market Notes:

The markets post their first red day in a week a massive surge upward. I’m watching the gaps from Friday to Monday to hold. If the gap fills it a good sign for the bears.

Earnings season has officially kicked off. Banks are in play, BAC missed and GS beat.

Futures are flat this morning after dropping from green to red.

AAPL released it’s first 5G iPhone. I’ll be watching 5G plays as the week progresses.


IEA is a low float, watching for a setup above $8

SOL is a low float, resistance in the $4s

VOXX is a low float, watching for support around $9.70

TGLS is a low float, support at $6

ALRN is a lowish float, resistance at $2

ATEC key level $10

PEIX has resistance at $9.19

OCUL resistance at $12

MGI has resistance at $4

MGNI has support at $9

GPRO watching for a setup above $7

LCTX has resistance at $1.30

PACB has resistance at $14

NIO is on watch

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