Watchlist: 10/13 Don’t Call the Top

Market Notes:

Futures are mixed this morning after yesterday’s big gap up and surge. Once a window is open it’s hard to close. The market is showing extremely bullish signals right now.

Lots of talk about overextended, overvalued, and uncertainty from the bears but no one appears to be selling.

A great way to go broke in the market is to try to pick the tops and bottoms. I’m staying bullish until the trend reverses. That could be after the election, it could be today.

Be safe, the trend is your friend. The market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.


PXS is a low float, resistance at $1.20

FLUX is a low float, support at $10

HYRE is a low float, resistance at $4.36

SURF is a low float, watching for support at $8 or $9

PFMT is a lowish float, watching for at setup above $2

PME watching for a setup above $2

NNDM watching for a setup above $3.50

VUZI is on watch

EVRI has support at $9.20

GPRO key level around $7

APHA has support at $6.15

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