Watchlist: 11/6 Cash is Trash

Market Notes:

We are still awaiting final election results from several states this morning. But all indication still point to a Biden Presidency and a Republican-controlled Senate.

The market has been flying the past few days as some certainty in the government is being priced in. We are getting the first dip this morning as futures are down less than 1%.

Gold, silver, and Bitcoin are all moving up and have been for a couple of days now. The Fed appears poised for more QE. With all markets bullish it appears cash on the worst thing to hold right now.

I’m still bullish and think the current dip will be bought up today or early next week. As always I’m ready for the market to prove me wrong.

Virus cases are still on the rise but as long as the Fed is buying the market can still rise.


IEA is a low float, key level at $9.50

DXYN is a low float, watching for a setup above $1.30

HEAR is a low float, on watch

SMMC is a SPAC, support at $12

SD has resistance at $2.42

WNC has support at $16

AVXL has support at $7.20

MGI has support at $5, resistance at $6

ORBC is on watch

EVRI watching for a setup above $10

FOE watching for a setup above $14

NBEV has resistance at $3.05

REZI has support at $15

MGNI has support at $10.75

CYH has support at $8.50

GPRO has support at $7.20

VG has resistance at $13

PLTR has support at $11.50

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