Watchlist: 11/4 Three Kinds of People…

Market Notes:

There are three kinds of people in this world; people who can count and people who can’t.

It’s been comical reading social media where plenty of people have prematurely declared victory for their side. I’m waiting for projections from multiple sources at this point.

Key metrics in the election have yet to be called. At writing the Democrats are projected to maintain control of the House of Representatives but the Senate and the White House are still up for grabs.

Futures have been all over the place overnight. Spiking as Trump appeared to have an advantage and crashing as Trump appeared to declare victory and call the election rigged. At one point Nasdaq futures were briefly halted limit up at +5%.

I’ve been watching betting odds which gave Biden the advantage coming into the race. But flipping overnight at one point giving Trump an 85% chance of winning. At writing, odds are 60/40 back in favor of Biden.

Hold on for a wild ride the rest of the week as the election is being sorted it. Futures are mixed at writing.


APVO is a low float, support at $10

IEA is a low float, resistance at $9

SUP is a lowish float, resistance at $2.10

AVXL key level at $6

ORBC has support at $4.70

CYH is on watch

RGLY has support at $12

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