Watchlist: 10/8 Jobs, Oil, Bitcoin … It’s Friday!

Market Notes:

October’s first full week of trading is nearly behind us and things couldn’t be much better.

The jobs report is due out at 8:30 this morning, barring no surprises, this should show the labor market is trending in a positive direction.

Energy costs continue to rise as oil eyes $80 per barrel. Higher energy prices result from higher demand. Higher demand comes from a growing economy. It’s bullish.

You can’t ignore Bitcoin this morning. There are talks of regulation … which is bullish. Regulations could get the hesitant off the bench. All-time highs aren’t far away. I’m looking for $100K by end of the year.

Futures are mixed, just random noise. The jobs report will set today’s tone. I’m staying risk off but starting to buy.


*Low Float

*HX has resistance at $3
*GROM is on watch
*PED has support at $2
*NXTP has resistance at $2
AEHR has support at $15, resistance at $17
AMTX has resistance at $20
BEST watching for a setup above $2
TGA has support at $2
ZETA watching for a setup above $8
GLNG has support at $14
CPRX has support at $6.25

OTC (on watch, no levels):

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