Watchlist: 9/8 Calling All Bulls

Market Notes:

Futures are red again, nothing significant as volatility remains extremely low. The market remains more bullish than bearish at the moment.

Very little news moving the markets this morning. Cathie Wood is saying everything is bullish from stocks to bitcoin despite the haters. I’ll be watching for the bulls to emerge this fall.

Bitcoin is taking a breather after failing to find acceptance above $50,000. El Salvador now officially allows its use as currency, the first country on the planet to do so.

I remain risk on for the perfect setup.


*Low Float

*DAIO has resistance eat $7
*ENVB has support at $3
*AEHR has support at $9, resistance at $10
VLTA has resistance at $10
SOAC is on watch
OPAD has support at $10
BBIG has support at $10
CRDL has support at $4
ADAP has support at $6

OTC (on watch, no levels):


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