Watchlist: 9/29 Bouncing Into Fall

Market Notes:

It’s a volatile market no question about it. Bonds ticked up yesterday to their highest levels in months. Tech stocks fell the hardest.

Tech is considered the riskiest of assets while bonds are considered safest. They typically have an inverse relationship as we saw yesterday.

October is almost here and this choppy market has me licking my chops. I’m not ready to jump in yet but the coming weeks could give us a great lead in to the final months of the year.

The setup looks great to me right now.

Bitcoin continues to hold up nicely at its 50 and 200 day moving average. Waiting for a break one way or the other.

Still risk off, just letting this all shake out. Be safe!


*Low Float

*EEIQ has support at $8
*PALT has resistance at $5.50
*BCTX has resistance at $9.50
*DATS has support at $12
CEI is on watch
DOGZ is on watch
ONDS has support at $9.50
AEHR has resistance at $15
LPTX has support at $3.20
GOGO has support at $16
GGPI has support at $10.25

OTC (on watch, no levels):

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