Watchlist: 9/28 Panic! At the Pump

Market Notes:

“There isn’t a shortage” is the UK government’s official stance. But tell that to long lines and empty gas tanks.

Drivers in the UK are having trouble finding fuel. The problem is blamed on a truck driver shortage and it’s not hard to weave a tail of Brexit into the mix. The army is on standby to deliver fuel to stations. This crisis is providing a decent catalyst for more selling as September draws to a close.

Remember the Colonial pipeline hack that drove the East Coast in the U.S. crazy? Neither does the market. This too shall pass. I suspect the market’s dip and divergence are more seasonal than crisis-driven.

Crude oil is up as futures slip. Bitcoin is below its most important moving averages too.

I remain risk off. Any major panic selling in October is a buy signal for me.


*Low Float

*EEIQ has support at $9
*PALT watching for a continuation
*BCTX has support at $8.50
AEHR is on watch
CEI is on watch
AMTX has support at $16
APYX is on watch
SD has support at $12.50
ASLE has resistance at $17
LPTX watching for a setup above $3.50
PAVM has resistance at $9
GGPI has support at $10.20
CRK is on watch

OTC (on watch, no levels):

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