Watchlist: 9/14 Support Holds – For Now…

Market Notes:

The SPY and DOW squeaked out some gains yesterday after a long red week. The Nasdaq Composite didn’t fair as well but it held near even.

That chart I sent out yesterday showing support worked perfectly. The dip was clearly bought below support. I’m watching for the turn today. A breakdown from here favors the bears.

Crypto made some waves yesterday. First, a fake collaboration between Litecoin and Walmart (WMT) sent Litecoin’s price mooning. WMT crushed the rumor and the hopes of many … In a positive for the industry Interactive Brokers (IBKR) popped on news, it would begin offering crypto trading … But closed the day down 1%…

Bitcoin’s price is holding up well. That market still looks bullish overall. It might be falling in line with the stock market’s seasonality.

I’m risk off barring a perfect setup like LIFE yesterday.


*Low Float

*JCS is on watch
*LIFE is on watch
AEHR has support at $11
ATER watching for a setup above $18
VLTA has support at $10.50
BBIG is on watch
SB has support at $4.50
BLU has resistance at $5
CEPU has support at $3
CFMS watching for a setup above $1.80
SHIP has resistance at $1.45
MTNB has support at $1

OTC (on watch, no levels):


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