Watchlist: 8/13 Crypto Risk

Market Notes:

All crypto/bitcoin is a very speculative asset. It’s extremely volatile, so anything you put in you should be prepared to lose. But the case for crypto remains strong. And it provides an overview of the market’s risk tolerance.

Waking up to find bitcoin back above $46,000 told me the market’s poised to make some big moves. Just not sure what they’ll be yet.

Stock market’s futures are positive territory this morning, but practically flat.

I’m ready for risk no plays in crypto-related, and vaccine-related stocks. Those are the hottest themes I see right now. No perfect setup and I’m happy to stay on the sidelines or take small positions like yesterday with CNFR.


*Low Float

*SPRT watching for a setup above $8
*UGRO has support at $10.50
*BTB has support at $1.20
NAOV watching for a setup above $3
SESN has support at $4.75, and resistance at $5
INO has resistance at $10
AMRN has support at $5.50

OTC (on watch, no levels):


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