Watchlist: 5/27 Long Weekends Favor Crypto

Market Notes:

The market is rather muted after some excitement around the meme stonks yesterday. I managed to take some of AMC when it gave a nice setup.

The broader markets are rangebound near all time highs. I think we stay in this area for another day or two. Volume is typically light and boring headed into the holiday weekend. So I don’t expect a breakout just yet. But I’m not willing to bet against one either.

New unemployment numbers are due out this morning. Looking for new pandemic era lows.

As I already said long weekends favor crypto as the gamblers get impatient and bored. Everything is selling at a discount right now and people get paid at the end of the month…

I remain risk off but am willing to put a little risk on the perfect setup. Futures are down.


*Low Float

*IHT has resistance at $9
*NOVN is on watch
*BBW is on watch
PDSB has support at $9
INSE has resistance at $11.50
WRAP has support at $7.30
EMKR has support at $9.50
HDSN has support at $2.40
VTNR watching for a setup above $3
ASRT is on watch

OTC (on watch, no levels):


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