Watchlist: 5/19 Inflation Fears… Buy More Dollars?

Market Notes:

The markets are dropping. The major indexes fell about 1% yesterday and futures are all pointing towards another decline.

The Crypto market is in free-fall mode. I’ve made a few small purchases but still think it can go lower. I’m looking to add bitcoin between $30K and $15K. If you’ve followed crypto from 2017 until now you know those prices are very possible.

Turn on the financial media and they are stressing inflation fears. But the 10-year note is holding steady. If I was scared of inflation I wouldn’t be selling and moving into cash… I’d be getting out of cash… So don’t believe that narrative, they hafta say something and can’t blame it on Trump anymore…

It’s summer. “Sell in May and go away” is the old saying. Right now summer trading looks to be on track.

I’m still risk off. Follow me on Twitter, I’ll let you know when I add more $BTC.


*Low Float

*MOXC is on watch
NNBR has support at $8.50
APRO has resistance at $2.30
IMMP watching for a setup above $4
DSX watching for a setup above $4.20
UXIN has support at $3
AMC is on watch

OTC (on watch, no levels):


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