Watchlist: 4/9 Welcome Quarter 2

Market notes:

Looking back, the first quarter of the year was insane. The GME saga played out, NFTs were a hot sector for a couple of days, the Nasdaq went into correction, and volume spiked to astronomical levels.

Comparatively, Quarter 2 is still boring. No overriding theme, the markets are near all-time highs, Bitcoin doesn’t want to breakout, and the VIX is falling to pre-pandemic levels.

But still there I see hope of excitement on the horizon. Monday begins earnings season, with 527 companies reporting over the course of the next week, followed by 934 the following week. Couple that with a massive spending bill from Biden and we could just reignite the fire.

I’ll be patient until then. I’m risk on but there’s nothing to trade… Futures are up, I remain bullish.


ATNF is a low float, resistance at $10
YTRA has resistance at $3
FBIO watching for support at $5
ERJ has support at $10.70


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