Watchlist: 4/7 Buy The Dip

Market Notes:

The markets took a small breathe yesterday after outsized returns the day before. All this exactly in line with historical norms.

April is typically the most bullish month of the year I expect the dip to be bought today. And futures are already up…

Bitcoin is down a little bit this morning but still in consolidation area. Keeping a close on eye its price, we haven’t seen this much sideways action in a long time. Still hodling…

Yesterday’s session showed strong bullishness on some individual stocks. I’m turning risk on to level 1 today. I’ll see if it works and may increase risk from there.


*Low Float

*GTBP has resistance at $10
*RAIL has support at $7
TH has support at $3
MUDS has support at $11
PAVM has support at $6.20


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