Watchlist: 4/6 The Market’s Still Bullish

Market Notes:

Retail trading has plummets according to the Wall Street Journal’s reporting. Robinhood logins are down 35% in the past two months. And most have traders have accepted the stocks they are bag holding and will go down with the ship. Or back up…

That means I expect the market to return to a sense of normalcy. The VIX has been falling and despite rising yesterday, it’s still below 20. With the volatility falling there are still plenty of great opportunities in the market.

April is traditionally the strongest month of the year. Reopening and infrastructure plays have already started moving.

I’m going to keep following the money and as the market moves higher. It’s best not to get married to any one stocks or trade. Any trade can go against anyone…

Futures are down a little bit, nothing to worry about. Bitcoin continues to hover near all time highs… I’m still bullish, but risk off for another day or so.


*Low Float

*GTBP has support at $7
*MOXC is on watch
*RAIL has resistance at $7
*GROW has support at $8.60
TH has resistance at $2.80
PFMT has support at $2.60
ARDX has resistance at $7.75
UUUU is on watch
UEC has resistance at $3.60
NXE has resistance at $4.30
BGCP has support at $5.15


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