Watchlist: 4/5 The Best Month Ever?

Market Notes:

April begins the last of the best six months and is also historically the best month of the year.

I’ve noticed my scans have been improving and the VIX is at its lowest point in over a year as the SPY is sitting at all time highs.

The federal government is poise to spend trillions in the coming years on infrastructure, which would likely boost the overall economy. And there seems to be little concern of overnight tweet storms from our current commander and chief.

I’m keeping an eye on bitcoin as it consolidates near all time highs. I’m still expecting new highs soon. The overall bullishness could drive it over the line.

Futures are up. I’m waiting for confirmation before going risk on… But overall I’m very bullish.


*Low Float

*MOXC has support at $5
*CHRA has resistance at $6
*BOWX has support at $12
ESTE has resistance at $9
IVAC has support at $8
ZH has support at $8.75
UXIN has resistance at $2

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