Watchlist: 4/23 Tax The Rich

Market Notes:

Reports came out yesterday afternoon that the Biden administration is planning to float the idea of increasing the top tax rate (incomes of $500k and up) from 37% to 39.6%. A small increase… But the kicker is he allegedly wants to increase long-term capital gains tax to the same rate, from 20%.

Treasury Secretary Yellen is rumored to have floated an 80% rate on crypto profits… Bitcoin fell through the 50-day moving average. This is the third bear market of the year for Bitcoin. I’m planning to add as it declines.

The best six months is over as far as I’m concerned. It is now profit-taking time for me as I shift into summer trading. I’ve been trimming positions already this week.

Futures are up, I’m risk off. I’m shifting my focus to OTC for the summer session. I’ll keep an eye on listed stocks, but no significant positions.


*Low Float

*BTX has resistance at $13
*TYHT has resistance at $7.50
*WLMS is on watch
GALT has resistance at $4

OZSC has resistance at $0.13
HMBL has support at $1.60
RGBP has support at $0.02
BBKCF has resistance at $1.40
AMBL has support at $1.40
AITX has support at $0.08
AAU has support at $0.52
LTNC has support at $0.05
INND has resistance at $0.035
SIRC has resistance at $0.80
PVDG has resistance at $0.04
ADHC has support at $0.03


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