Watchlist: 4/20 Dogeday

Market Notes:

Bitcoin continues to hover in the mid 50’s. Meanwhile the joke Dogecoin is near all time highs.

The internet decided to make the former weed holiday into dogeday this year… Fitting for the year of the meme.

Markets are still boring so the fact that retail is chasing Dogecoin isn’t too surprising. It’s just one Elon Musk tweet away from reaching the moon.

Speaking of Musk, Twitter is reporting that autopilot was not on when two men died in a TSLA crash over the weekend. Media reports said they were going fast without anyone in the driver’s seat. Musk reported last week that the autopilot feature was safer then human control alone.

No trade on either of these today, I’ll be watching the market for any reaction.

Futures are down again after a day of selling. I’m remaining risk off.


RRD has resistance at $5.20
RFP has resistance at $16.25
XXII has resistance at $4


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