Watchlist: 4/12 Bitcoin, New Records, Powell Warning

Market Notes:

Fed Chairman Powell said the economy is looking strong but warned that we could open too fast in a 60 Minutes interview.

Markets are still strong. Friday we saw new record highs, the Russell 2000 is still lagging behind. Earning season could boost the market’s higher.

Speculation is rising, Bitcoin is near record highs. I’m risk on but haven’t found many setups in recent weeks.

Futures are down, I’m bullish.


*Low Float

*WHLM is on watch
*BCTX is on watch
*GTBP has support at $10.35
*CGA watching for a setup above $8
*BBW watching for a setup above $9
FBIO has support at $5.75
CCL watching for a setup above $30


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