Watchlist: 3/30 Margin Call

Market Notes:

One of the largest margin calls ever, happened last week, a hedge fund appears to have blown up in spectacular fashion. Banks liquidated huge blocks of VIAC and other stocks when Archegos Capital failed to produce enough cash…

Markets seem unphased right now as the upward grind continues.

Yesterday was a bit choppy as the closed mixed, the Dow at record highs and the Russell 2000 gave up nearly 3%.

I’m still waiting for April to get risk on again. The VIX keeps jumping…

Bitcoin is still consolidating nicely, President Biden is set to unveil his infrastructure package on Wednesday. I’m turning bullish slowly.


*Low Float

*RCON has resistance at $5
*VTSI is on watch
SEAC has support at $1.80
PFMT watching for a setup above $2
HMHC has resistance at $7.50
OI has resistance at $15


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