Watchlist: 3/3 March Calendar – Bull, Bear, Bull

Market Notes:

Stocks are moving exactly as they normally do in March opening with a bull day, followed by a bear day, and then back to bulls. With history as a guide, the next two weeks or so should remain in an uptrend. I’m watching for new record highs soon.

Bitcoin is rallying, it’s above $50K again this morning.

The best six months typically ends in April. We’ve got a few weeks of prime trading season left.

Futures are up, I’m bullish!


*Low Float
^High Short Interest

*^XL is on watch for a short squeeze
*^MREO has resistance at $4.70
*AFI has resistance at $6
*^EOLS watching for a setup above $14.50
DRTT has resistance at $3
SLDB has support at $10, resistance at $11
CO has resistance at $5
MESA has support at $14
HZON is on watch
FBIO has resistance at $5
RRD has support at $4
^RKT is on watch


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