Watchlist: 3/29 Suez Opening… The Visa Bitcoin Connection

Market Notes:

The Suez Canal is partially unblocked this morning, Egyptian Authorities expect to have it the rest of the way open within a day or so. Amazing what can happen when we build outside of contingency plans… Oil prices remain steady.

Visa announced is set process payments with USD Coin a cryptocurrency tied to the US Dollar. Bitcoin is moving up on this news, only a few percent off of all-time highs.

Futures are down this morning as March draws to a close. I still risk off until the end of the month. Markets are closed on Good Friday. Short weeks are often fun… I’m starting to turn bullish again…


*Low Float

*RCON has support at $7
*BOWX has resistance at $12
*CPHI is on watch
UPC is on watch
TK has resistance at $3.80
NAT has resistance at $4


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