Watchlist: 3/26 Bouncing Memes

Market Notes:

Yesterday’s trend took a while to become established as the range extended four times before a strong bull rally into the close.

Meme stocks and bitcoin appear to be bouncing. Will the bounce be a dead cat? Time will tell… I remain bullish on Bitcoin and added on the dip yesterday.

Speculation is returning and the bubble is unpopped. Despite the concerns of COVID cases rising and the Suez Canal being blocked markets are pricing in a return to normal.

The overall trend is still bullish. I’m staying risk-off until next week, maybe the week after. It looks like we are setting up for a strong April…


*Low Float

*WAFU is on watch
*RAIL has support at $4.50 and resistance at $5
FENG has resistance at $2.60
PRQR has support at $8
CYH has support at $13


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