Watchlist: 3/23 NFT Madness, VIX Falling

Market Notes:

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has sold his first Tweet as an NFT for $2.9 million. This is the hot sector as far as I’m concerned, TKAT is leading the way, YVR is on my watchlist.

The VIX reached a 52-week low as markets gained yesterday. Conditions are still ripe for a weak ending to the month but so far hasn’t happened.

Historically the end of March is weak, and I’m still expecting a market reaction to Europe’s shutdown measures. But so far faith is Powell is holding strong and a full reopening this year is being priced in.

Futures are down slightly. I’m remaining bearish for at least one more day.


*Low Float

*IMTE watching for a setup above $9
*RCON has support at $4.50
*YVR has support at $4.50
*SPRT is on watch
JFIN watching for a setup above $14
CJJD has support at $1.68
HOFV has support at $4.50, resistance at $5.50


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