Watchlist: 3/2 Bearish Open, Bullish Trend

Market Notes:

The Bulls owned the day yesterday. The SPY gained 2.4% for one of the best days in months.

Vaccines, stimulus, money printing all continue to support the market. I continue to expect every dip to get bought. But I still expect dips from time to time.

Futures are off slightly, Bitcoin is still holding support above $45K. I’ll be cautious today, the second day of March is often bearish. But the overall trend is in favor of the bulls.


*Low Float

*OSS has resistance at $9
*AMTX is on watch
SSKN has support at $2.50
RYAM has support at $10
RRD has resistance at $4
STXS has support at $8
CFMS watching for a setup above $1.50
FI has support at $5.25


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