Watchlist: 3/19 Nothing to See Here… Europe Shuts Down, Bonds Rise

Market Notes:

Good morning it is the first triple witching Friday of the year, and markets are dicey.

Everyone is bullish, the Fed is Dovish and yet the markets are unable to hold their gains. Yesterday we saw heavy selling near the end of the day.

The main concerns are Europe’s vaccine rollout stumble has led to rising cases and new lockdowns. Officials here in the states are eyes some increasing numbers too. Bond prices rose significantly yesterday as inflation is becoming more of a concern…

Markets hate uncertainty. There’s a lot of uncertainty… I’m remaining risk-off. I’m getting my shopping list ready to buy any discounts that happen to show up in the coming weeks.

Futures are up, I’m bearish.

Last note, Bitcoin is hovering near all-time highs, watching for a breakout this weekend.


*Low Float

*SNES watching for a setup above $2.50
*WKEY is on watch
GPRO has support at $13


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