Watchlist: 3/11 Nasdaq Red, EVERYTHING Else is Green

Market Notes:

Yesterday the Dow pushed to new record highs. The SPY is creeping it’s way up and the Nasdaq ended the day flat.

Green stocks are coming back to life. Several weed and alternative energy plays are looking to gap up this morning. I’m not a fan of the long-term charts but it’s worth keeping an eye on the trend.

My favorite plays are in retail right now after meme stocks when crazy yesterday. I’m keeping an eye on Bitcoin too as its near record highs.

Futures are up (Nasdaq way up) I’m bullish.


*Low Float

*NVFY has support at $4
*BBW has support at $8.50
TNK has support at 14.50
BNED has resistance at $8.30
AVDL has support at $9
NCMI has resistance at $5.50
VET has support at $8
BCRX has support at $13
ERJ has resistance at $10
AR has support at $10


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