Watchlist: 2/3 Weed Lights Up, Earnings Impress

Market Notes:

Earnings season is well underway, and so far, there haven’t been many disappointments. Alphabet Inc. (GOOG & GOOGL) is the lastest earning winner surging 8%+ in after-hours trading. Amazon (AMZN) set a new revenue record and their CEO, Jeff Bezo’s, announced he would be stepping down as CEO, going out on top.

The most notable industry I’m watching this morning is cannabis. Several weed-related stocks perked up and had technical breakouts yesterday. The market has a large appetite for speculation right now. APHA and CRON are my favorites this morning.

The bullish trend appears firmly intact ahead of tomorrow’s jobs report.

Futures are up. I’m bullish.


*Low Float

*NTN is on watch
*AGFY has support at $14
*EYPT has support at $13
*KERN has resistance at $7.40
*TRIB has resistance at $6
*AREC has resistance at $5.50
*CTHR is on watch
RESN has resistance at $7
CTRX has resistance at $1.35
EGY has support at $2.45
AVXL watching for a setup above $8
SCOR has support at $3.65
KOPN has support at $6.50
MRC has support at $8.30
ARLP has support at $6
SELB is on watch
TTI watching for a setup above $2
OCGN watching for a setup above $3
NMRK has resistance at $8
CRON has resistance at $11.75
APHA has support at $14

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