Watchlist: 2/2 SPY Recovery, WSB Slips, I’m Bullish

Market Notes:

The broader markets are recovering from the recent dip. The VIX is back below 30 and the SPY held support at $370.

The WallStreetBets gang is larger than ever but they’ve been infiltrated by the hedge funds and don’t have any clear path forward. We haven’t seen the last of WSB but I’m not paying it much attention today. The silver saga wreaked of big money manipulation.

Markets look like they’ve regained a sense of normalcy. The dip gets bought and I’ve got a long watchlist.

Futures are up, I’m bullish.


*Low Float

*FORD has resistance at $4
*BQ has resistance at $11
*SRAX watching for a setup above $4
*ARTL is on watch
*DTEA watching for a setup above $4
*HYRE has support at $11
*PDSB has resistance at $3.65
*RSSS is on watch
*ORMP has support at $8, resistance at $9
SB has resistance at $2
CDMO has support at $15, resistance at $17
DSX watching for a setup above $2.50
ARLO has support at $9
RES has support at $4.75
GSM has support at $3
VXRT has support at $16
DVAX is on watch
ZIM is on watch
GPRO has support at $11
HIMX has support at $11
UUUU has resistance at $4.50
BCRX is on watch
CDEV has resistance at $2.80
NXE has support at $3.10
CCJ has resistance at $15
OPK key level is $6
SNDL has resistance at $1.30

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