Watchlist: 2/19 Jobs Disappoint, I’m Not a Cat, Blockchain is the Answer

Market Notes:

New unemployment filing increased yesterday. Markets were red though the dip was bought fairly well. The SPY closed down about 0.5%.

The first of three congressional hearings into the GME short squeeze was yesterday. Gill, the one who made the bull case for GME in 2019 held his own and even managed some humor for those watching.

Most of the hearing was political grandstanding and demonstrations of ignorance laced in. One theme that all seemed to agree on is that instant settlement could have alleviated many of the problems, and blockchain technology would be the solution. Bitcoin hit new all-time highs afterward.

Futures are up this morning. I have a short watchlist. I remain cautiously bullish.


*Low Float

*MTC has resistance at $6
*JMP is on watch
*LGHL watching for a setup above $6
*MOTS has support at $2.25
FLNT has resistance at $8
MREO has support at $4
JFU has resistance at $3
ONTX has resistance at $2
CNX has resistance at $14.20
ZNGA has support at $12


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