Watchlist: 2/12 Stocks Shaking, Bitcoin’s on Firm Ground

Market Notes:

Another choppy session in the markets yesterday. Bigish dips followed by dip buyers.

Chatter on Twitter showed many people taking bigger than normal losses.

Since the SPY is moving sideways I have not intentions of changing my plan heading into today. The VIX is still low and the trend is still up.

Bitcoin is locked in a solid uptrend as it continues to gain more acceptance in the mainstream.

Futures are down ahead of the long weekend. I’m bullish.


*Low Float

*IFMK is on watch
*TMBR has resistance at $2.50
*GRIL has support at $3.50
BRQS has support at $2 and resistance at $3
AIKI watching for a setup above $2
BOXL has resistance at $3.40
FENG has support at $2
POWW has support at $9
SEEL has resistance at $4.20
XERS is on watch
PAVM has resistance at $3.60
XNET has support at $7
QUOT is on watch
EVFM has resistance at $4.12
CAN has resistance at $11
QTT has support at $5
DNN has support at $1.25

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