Watchlist: 2/11 Chop Chop Let’s Go Bulls

Market Notes:

Yesterday was a bit of a choppy session, no major news catalyst for the morning sell-off.

Markets appeared spooked for a moment but ended the day near flat. My best guess is everyone is ready for the top to get here so setting off an intraday panic is a little easier since the markets are moving straight up.

No changes in strategy for me. The VIX is stable, futures are up, I’m bullish.


*Low Float

*ANCN is on watch
*ARTL watching for a setup above $2
*SNCA watching for a setup above $2
*HUGE has support at $4
*FAMI has support at $1.60
*RKDA has support at $5
*CEI key level is at $2
*ENG has resistance at $9
*POIA has resistance at $2
*AESE has support at $3
*ITRM has resistance at $2.80
*RCMT is on watch
AGCT watching for a setup above $7
AYRO has support at $10
ZYNE is on watch
PULM has support at $2
IGC is on watch
PHUN has resistance at $3.25
NSPR has resistance at $1.38
NEOS has support at $1.20
YELL is on watch
BW has resistance at $7.50
UAMY has support at $1
TRCH has support at $2.15
TRXC is on watch
ACST has support at $1.10
JFU has support at $2.40
CTRM has support at $1.30
OGI has support at $6
SNDL has support at $3

1 thought on “Watchlist: 2/11 Chop Chop Let’s Go Bulls”

  1. (WKEY)- I am new to this (Trading) and have been doing lots of research and watching youtube videos on trading. Why wasn’t WKEY not on your list? A news article came out yesterday about WKEY talking about a new rule from the FAA that goes into effect March 16, 2021 requiring all drones over .55 lbs are to have a remote ID (digital license plate). WKEY announced they have the identity technology and semiconductors that will be needed for drones to have remote ID.

    Also, this company has a low float.

    What am I missing, why did it not explode?

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