Watchlist: 12/9 DASHing Through the Snow

Market Notes:

DASH is kicking off IPO season today and is priced at $102 per share. This is higher than both previous ranges. This is a clear sign money is flowing into the market at extraordinary rates.

Markets posted new records yesterday and futures are up today. I’m overall bullish. Small caps continue to do great.

Across the pond, vaccines are being distributed in the UK and the Prime Minister is headed to Brussels to try and work out a Brexit deal. A little goodwill could drive the market higher.

Last note, Biden’s victory is all but cemented after the “safe harbor” deadline passed and the Supreme Court rejected Trump’s attempts to overturn Pennsylvania’s results.


*Low Float

*RCON is on watch

*TUSK has support at $2.50

*PERI is on watch

*LQDT is on watch

*YQ is on watch

*CCAC has resistance at $10.60

ARPO watching for a setup above $2

GMDA has resistance at $11

GOGO has support at $12

AXTI has support at $10.45

POWW has support at $3

CRIS watching for a setup above $7

CMRX has support at $4.50

INFI has support at $2.40

VSPR is on watch

FOSL has resistance at $13

PLG has resistance at $5

YRCW has resistance at $6.56

LXRX watching for a setup above $3

ARLO has support at $8

XXII has support at $1.80

AMPE has resistance at $1.40

CNDT has support at $5

QEP has resistance at $2.50

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