Watchlist: 12/7 Energy, New Records, SPACs

Market Notes:

Good morning and happy Monday! It’s shaping up to be a busy week. We’ve got some big-name IPOs and PFE’s vaccine is up for review with the FDA.

The markets posted new record highs. All 4 indexes, I’m including the Russell 2000 posted all-time highs on Friday. We are BULLISH.

Doordash and AirBnB are set for their IPOs. I’m not likely to trade either but I’d be bullish on AirBnB and bearish on Doordash…

Energy stocks and SPACs are leading the pack. Speculative plays are growing everyday. Big watchlist today. Let’s get to it.


*Low Float ^SPAC

*^AMCI has support at $13.50

*^CGRO key level at $13

*OBLN has support at $1.80

*KBNT has support near $6

*MACK has support at $7

*ELYS is on watch

*IMH has resistance at $3

*AQB has support at $8.50

*FNKO has support at $10.50

*^PIC has support at $15 or $16

*YTRA has support at $2

^HCAC has resistance at $14

^IPV is on watch

ONCY watching for a setup above $4

PLG has support at $3

RYAM has support at $7.75

SLCA has support at $5.50

LTRPA has support at $4

TRIT has support at $13

MTDR has resistance at $11.80

SESN has resistance at $1.25

UUUU has support at $2.45

WBT is on watch

BCRX has resistance at $6.30

OVV has support at $14

APHA has resistance at $9

WPX has resistance at $8.60ish

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