Watchlist: 12/31 Looking Forward

Market Notes:

The indexes dipped slightly yesterday and futures are pointing towards a red open today.

I’m not reading too much into the selling. Market’s have shown weakness on the final day of the year for the past two decades … It’s the final chance for any tax loss selling plus most institutional buyers have the week off.

I don’t see any major news this morning. So my bullish thesis remains intact.

If the market closes red today I’m buying the dip. The first day of the year is usually bullish.

Bitcoin is perking up after once again refusing to break down. Here is the chart from the other day again … The next move is anyone’s guess.

Bitcoin v USD, 1-day candles – via BarChart

Look for my 2022 outlook this afternoon and have a happy and safe New Year!


*Low Float
^open position

*SPRB has resistance at $5
^NAKD has support at $5.50
PRDS is on watch
DNUT has support at $18
XXII has support at $3

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