Watchlist: 12/30 End of Year Melt Up

Market Notes:

Markets took a breather yesterday and end up closing down after gapping up nearly 1%.

The markets by all accounts still appear bullish and a 0.2% drop is not significant in the least. The VIX did tick up a little bit but remains rangebound.

The federal government is set to begin sending out stimulus checks today.

Only two trading days left in the year. I’m bullish until the chart tells me otherwise. Futures are up this morning.


*Low Float

*CNFR is on watch

*MYSZ has resistance at $1.60

*SGBX has support at $5.40

*WISA has resistance at $4

*SOL watching for a setup above $12

*IMMR has support at $11 and $12

*CSTE watching for a setup above $13

*HNRG has support at $1.20

*OEG has support at $2.25

PAVM has resistance at $2.25

VTGN has resistance at $1.55

TMDI has resistance at $2

GCI has support at $3

BNGO has support at $1.40

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