Watchlist: 12/21 Markets in Freefall

Market Notes:

The UK has been isolated as a new strain of COVID-19 surges. The EU has essentially closed down all travel to the islands. The vaccines are expected to be effective against the new strain too. Officials are calling for calm, the market is fearful.

Here in the US lawmakers agreed to a stimulus package including checks for individuals. It appears to have been priced in last week. Buy the rumor, sell the news.

On another bullish note, the Fed said it’s going to allow banks to buyback shares again. Bank stocks are up in premarket trading.

Today is the beginning of a short week. The Christmas holiday is on Friday. Futures are down 2% at writing. They’ve fallen as much as 3%.

I’m going to be very cautious today. If 2018 is any indication markets can plummet even on the week of Christmas. I have a long list today and expect to trim it way back at the open.


*Low Float

*SEED watching for a setup above $14

*ATXI has support at $5.50

*SGBX has support at $4.50

*ELYS has resistance at $4.50

*CCRC has support at $6

*DFHT is on watch

*EVLO has resistance at $11

*SLDB has resistance at $7.50

*ESTE has support at $4.25, resistance at $5

*FSRV is on watch

*UEPS has support at $3

VUZI is on watch

OTIC watching for a setup above $6.40

MSGN has support at $14

PGEN has support at $9.50

WOW has support at $9.50

ZIXI has support at $8

UAVS key level at $4

ATEN has support at $9.20

DS has resistance at $3.30

VTGN has resistance at $1.40

CLNE has support at $5

AMPE has support at $2.20

NXE has support at $2.20

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