Watchlist: 12/15 Four Red Days

Market Notes:

The S&P 500 is in a little bit of a funk. It just can’t seem to put in a green day.

No significant market driving news this morning.

With all things still the same I remain bullish. The red days are there but are all small.

Futures are up again this morning. I’m be watching at the open for continued buying. I’ve always got a plan to be wrong.


*Low Float

*ISNS has resistance at $5.60

*DMTK has resistance at $14.50

*ELYS has resistance at $3.50

*EVLO has support at $8

*BLRX has support at $3.50

*ZAGG has resistance at $4.25

SD has support at $3.40

MTA has support at $11

VUZI has resistance at $5

CRIS has resistance at $8.50

VERU has resistance at $11

PGEN has support near $9

MVIS watching for a setup above $3

IMGN has support at $7

MNKD has support at $3.20

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