Watchlist: 12/14 Red Days, Triple Witching, Vaccine Out, Futures Rise

Market Notes:

The markets post 3 red days in a row to close the week out on a low note. After posting all-time highs a small pullback is not uncommon.

This week is the quarterly triple witching when a lot of options, index futures, and index options expire at the same time on Friday. The December triple witching is typically bullish.

The PFE vaccine is on its way to an arm near you. As distribution is beginning across the nation expect the news to focus on that. The market’s already priced it in.

Futures are up. I’m still bullish. This is the last full week of the year. Let’s finish strong.


*Low Flaot

*GXGX has resistance at $12

*SAMA has support at $13, resistance at $14

*SCKT is on watch

*EQS has resistance at $1.90

*TUSK has support at $4

*SLDB has resistance at $6

*VBLT has support at $1.60

*CCAC has resistance at $11

CDXC has resistance at $6

PLG has support at $5

VERU has resistance at $8

INSG watching for a setup above $15

UUUU watching for a setup above $3

XXII has resistance at $2.65

BCRX has support at $8

IMGN has resistance at $6.60

AMPE has resistance at $1.60

INFN has resistance at $9.50

NXE has resistance at $2.60

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