Watchlist: 12/10 Vaccine, ABNB, & One Red Day

Market Notes:

Yesterday all the markets ended up closing in the red. The Nasdaq fell about 2%.

Worth noting there was an anti-trust lawsuit filed against FB but it followed the market. No significant sell-off.

Yesterday’s hot IPO, DASH, which is a COVID play didn’t disappoint. Keeping an eye on ABNB which is a post-COVID play.

The PFE vaccine will have its public hearing. Emergency use authorization could come as soon as today. Canada gave approval yesterday.

Futures are flat, the VIX spiked some. I’m still bullish but cautiously so. One red day doesn’t change anything.


*Low Float ^SPAC

*^SSPK is on watch

*^GXGX watching for a setup above $11

*PBLA is on watch

*SLS is on watch

*UTSI has support at $2

*ONCT had an offering, keeping an eye on but probably no trade

*^DMYD has resistance at $14

RGLS has resistance at $1.20

POWW has resistance at $4, support at $3.50

CRIS has resistance at $8.40

^VSPR key level at $11.50

IMMP has support at $3

VERU has support at $4

VRAY has support at $4

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