Watchlist: 12/1 Dollar Weak, Weed & Bitcoin Strong

Market Notes:

The U.S. Dollar has fallen to its lowest point in over 2.5 years. Bitcoin is surging, hovering near all time highs at writing.

Weed stocks are moving up as the U.S House will vote on legislation this week. Its fate is still uncertain in the Senate.

Gold is near its 200-day moving average, could find support here.

Stocks took a breather yesterday but held critical support. Futures are higher ahead of the open as the SPY is poised to open near intraday highs. Santa Rally could continue into the end of the year from here.

Low float and SPACs are hot. I’ve tagged them on the list below.


*Low Float ^SPAC

*^AMCI has resistance at $13.50

*^SAMA key levels at $12 & $13

*OBLG is on watch

*CAAS is on watch

*TCON key level at $10

*NM has resistance at $3

*ELYS has resistance at $2.65

*^TDAC watching for a setup above $13

*GNLN has resistance at $4.20

*HYRE has support at $7

*SNSS has support at $1.60

*APEN has support at $4

*DTEA has support at $1.60

*AQB has support at $5.25

*INOD has support at $4.35

*SUP has support at $5

^NGA is on watch

ONCY has support at $3

^CFII is on watch

VFF has support at $11

KOPN has support at $5.50

STLK has support at $9.50 & $10

HEXO key level at $1.30

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