Watchlist: 11/9 Bitcoin! Bitcoin! Bitcoin!

Market Notes:

Bitcoin is trading at all-time highs this morning!

The revolutionary technology is leading the crypto sector higher and it’s more than just digital gold. Cryptocurrencies hold the potential to change everything.

Crypto will play a huge role in the metaverse and this morning there’s a new sign of life on that front … Roblox Corporation (RBLX) is a 3D gaming world that’s not a far cry from what the metaverse hopes to be. Its stock is up 25% this morning in premarket trading. This move adds $10 billion to the market cap after a surprise blow-out earnings report.

I’m still long VRAR from $7 and love the chart pattern for a breakout any day.

I’m also keeping an eye on EV and green energy stocks after the infrastructure bill sent PPSI soaring yesterday. FCEL, URG, & NAKD are my favorites this morning on that front.

Futures are flat and trading action in the indexes is random. Dip days for the market can bring a lot of attention to the hottest stocks. I’m watching for strong volume before putting on a trade.

I’m risk on and crazy bullish.


*Low Float

*PPSI is on watch
*PETV has support at $4
*PETZ has support at $5
*BCTX watching for a setup above $10
*DVD has support at $2.80
TCS has resistance at $14
IONQ is on watch
YELL has resistance at $11.50
URG has support at $2
FCEL has support at $10
COTY has support at $10.50
NAKD has resistance at $1

OTC, no levels:

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