Watchlist: 11/9 Biden Wins Markets Soar

Market Notes:

Joe Biden was called as the winner of the U.S. presidential election over the weekend. The news was expected but has given markets some certainty moving forward.

We are still in the middle of earnings season and the market is flying. Weed plays and EV plays are being hyped. I’m cautiously looking for setups. I always look at the longer-term chart.

Markets are super bullish right now as we approach record high levels. We could see a massive rally into the end of the year. As always I’m ready for the chart to prove me wrong.


ONCS is a low float, watching for a setup above $5

ONCT is a low float, on watch

SUP is a lowish float, support at $4.20

MOD is on watch

OCUL has support at $12.43

EVRI has support at $10.40

NBEV watching for a setup above $3.25

MGNI has support at $11.75

CYH has support at $9

LTHM has support at $14

CRON is on watch

PLTR has support at $15

BSMX is on watch

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