Watchlist: 11/5 Jobs in the Overbought Market

Market Notes:

As we finish out the market’s most bullish week I’m looking for the market to start to cool off a bit.

After a big move like we’ve seen in the past week, the bulls will need a break. I’m not calling for a major reversal, I’m not calling for a crash. Heck, I’m not even taking a short position, I’m locking in profits and looking to buy any coming dip.

The put-to-call ratio and RSI are flashing clear overbought signals and the market traditionally cools off the second week of November anyways.

Put-to-call Ratio ($CPC) 1-year Chart – via thinkorswim

I remain bullish. I remain risk on.

Watch the jobs report today, a weaker than expected number could provide a catalyst for selling.

Futures are random and bitcoin is holding up well. Remember it’s not a profit until you lock it in.


*Low Float

*PETZ is on watch
*BCTX has support at $9.50
CLSK has support at $22
TCS has resistance at $14
LQDA has resistance at $4.50
YELL has support at $10
KULR has support at $3.40
HMHC is on watch
UUUU has support at $10
PRMW has support at $18
CERS has resistance at $8

OTC, no levels:

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