Watchlist: 11/25 New Records Everywhere

Market Notes:

The Dow and S&P 500 both posted new record high closes yesterday. I think we are still in good position for a strong end of year rally.

Markets were all up 1% or more. I believe the markets could take a breather today and pick-up momentum again Friday or next week. But overall the trend is you friend. Bears have been getting burned in this market.

EV and green energy plays are slowing down. I’m still bullish but will selective today.


XELB is a low float, resistance at $1.40

NBAC is a low float on watch

MOHO is a low float, resistance at $4

EH is a low float, support at $15

KIRK is a low float, resistance at $15

RVP is a low float, support at $13.65

DMYT has resistance at $16

SUP resistance at $15

MESA watching for a setup above $6

YJ is on watch

DTIL has resistance at $12

YRCW has support at $5.50

RYAM has support at $6

TOUR has support at $3

BKD has resistance at $4.37

UUUU has support at $2

X is on watch

COTY has support at $7

CCO has support at $1.60 and resistance at $1.70

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