Watchlist: 11/24 Green Energy Insanity

Market Notes:

I love a hot sector as much as anyone but these levels are completely insane! It’s pretty great too…

The green/alternative energy sector is flying, the lower the float, the bigger the move. I don’t believe these price levels are sustainable for very long but always keep in mind the market can stay irrational longer than you can stay solvent.

I’ll continue to play the long side on these stocks with caution. The strategy I trade has me cash by noon.

Futures are higher this morning, if the current levels hold the S&P 500 will open above critical resistance.

Large list today and almost everything on it is a low float, I’ve marked floats above 30 million with a (*).


FTEK is on watch

CREG has support at $5

MYO watching for a setup above $7

MDGS has resistance at $4

POLA has resistance at $6.60

APWC resistance at $2.70

DPW has support at $8

SUNW has resistance at $7

TRIB has support at $3.40

IEA key level is $13

RENN is on watch

AYRO has support at $10

IDT watching for a setup above $12

ENG is on watch

CAAS has resistance at $5

OPTT watching for a setup above $3

OEG is on watch

MESA has support at $5.30

CMRX* has resistance at $3.89

VFF* has support at $8.35

IHRT* watching for a setup above $12

SLCA* has resistance at $4.75

ARAY* has support at $4

GEVO* has resistance at $5.40

HIMX* has support at $5.40

CLNE* is on watch

FCEL* is on watch

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  1. Im only a very late Beginner but I think it is great you do this and very educational for me. Wish you the best. Thank you

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