Watchlist: 11/23 Powell Stays, Bitcoin Hodls

Market Notes:

News broke yesterday morning that Fed Chair Powell will stay for another term. The Republican started his Washington career under George H.W. Bush in 1992.

Love him or hate him Powell will be at the helm for the next four years. Market’s reacted positively initially but faded during the day closing in the red. The Nasdaq led the way down shedding 1.3%.

With Powell and inflation in the news bitcoin still looks attractive to me.

We are setting up for an exciting December in the crypto market. Despite the recent pullback support is holding at the 50-day moving average. When this happened in the past you can see the results for yourself.

2017 Bitcoin Daily Candles – Via barchart.com
2020 Bitcoin Daily Candles – Via barchart.com

And now this is what the chart looks like today:

2021 Bitcoin Daily Candles – Via barchart.com

Historically the November pullback is the last opportunity to buy into the end-of-year bull run.

The stock market conditions remain extremely squeezy for low float stocks. Right now the lower the float the higher my interest. Look no further than ISPC & LGVN to see how this market is behaving. Opportunities abound!

I’m bullish and risk on.


*Low Float

*TRT has resistance at $10
*GTEC has support at $11
*ISPC is on watch
*LGVN is on watch
*LTRY building a position at these prices
*USIO has resistance at $8
*DOGZ has support at $5
QLGN is on watch
KZR has support at $14
TMST has support at $17
AUR has support at $14
CHS has support at $7

OTC Stocks, levels:

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