Watchlist: 11/19 Preparing to be Wrong

Market Notes:

Yesterday near the end of the day sellers took over and the markets all ended in the red after spending most of the day in the green. This sell-off broke critical support levels.

I’ve been calling for a bull run into the end of the year but I could be wrong. I’m a trader at the end of the day. I create a theory and get paid when it’s right. But I must always be prepared to be wrong.

Trading is not about being right. It’s about being flexible and changing you’re opinion when the situation changes.

Yet another vaccine is showing promising results this morning. And PFE’s is better than first announced.

SPACs, EVs and green energy seem to be the hottest plays in the market right.

Futures are down this morning. I’ll be a little more cautious today. I’m not here to be right, I’m here to make money.


FIII is a low float, on watch

KZIA is a low float, on watch

CIIC is a lowish float, on watch

FUV is a lowish float, support at $9

BLNK is a lowish float, resistance at $16

LIND is a lowish float, watching for a setup above $12.50

EOSE is a lowish float, resistance at $12.50

FENG watching for a setup above $2

GES key level at $15

KNDI has support at $10.65

FOSL has resistance at $11

VFF has resistance at $8.20

LC has resistance at $7

ACCO watching for a setup above $7.80

MGNI has resistance at $12.35

SONO has support at $18

ETM key level at $2.50

WPRT has support at $3

XXII has resistance at $1.50

FCEL has support at $4.50

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