Watchlist: 11/17 Q The Next Hot Sector

Market Notes:

We’re not short on hot sectors right now, but there’s another one slowly emerging from shadows … Quantum computing has already shown signs of life with IONQ, ARQQ, & SNII. Yesterday CBNC ran a bit about the space and how investment in the space is exploding.

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One honorable mention left out of the mix was QUBT. Its customers include AMZN.

Action in the indexes is still light. This is what I expected and continue to expect. The holiday season can be a boring time for large caps. The market is still signaling overbought but the trend remains up.

Crypto is still on a dip. I’m watching for the uptrend to restart any day.

In the stock market, retail trading is surging. Hot sectors like electric vehicles, semiconductors, and the metaverse continue to drive great price action. Quantum computing fits well in this trend.

I’m still risk on remain super bullish.


*Low Float

*TRT has support at $8
*MULN has support at $15
*VRAR has resistance at $17
*STRN has support at $5
*RETO is on watch
*MRAM has support at $13
KZR has resistance at $12
DCRC has resistance at $14
INDI has support at $14
TCDA is on watch
SNII is on watch
VUZI has resistance at $16
GGPI has resistance at $16
GOEV has resistance at $12
PROG has support at $5
ACB is on watch

OTC stocks, no levels:

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