Watchlist: 11/17 Buffett, Tesla, & A Dip

Market Notes:

Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway disclosures came out after the market closed yesterday. The fund added several big pharmas including PFE. Also worth noting it picked up shares of TMUS too. Sometimes Buffett’s new investment gets a pop after the disclosures.

TSLA popped after hours when news broke that it would be included in the S&P 500. It was passed over a few weeks ago. this move adds legitimacy to the company. This move is likely to drive sympathy plays in the EV and green energy space.

Futures are down this morning after the S&P 500 closed at record highs for 2 days in a row.


GBR is a low float, watching for a setup above $2.20

TCON is a low float, resistance is at $8

IDN is a low float, support at $10

TANH is a low float, support at $3.30

FUV is a lowish float, resistance at $9

SUP is a lowish float, on watch

NMCI has support at $2.20

ARPO has resistance at $1.90

INFI has support at $1.60

FOSL key level at $9

MHLD key level at $2

MGI could have support at $7 or $8

STKL has resistance at $9

OCUL has resistance at $14

EB has support at $14

CBAT is on watch

ACCO has support near $7.50

TOUR key level at $2

WPRT has resistance at $3

WBT has resistance at $9.50

FCEL has support at $3.50

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